Paolo Orlandi

Prof. Paolo Orlandi was born in Roma Jul. 11th 1944. Since 1985 he was Full Professor of Turbulence in the Facoltà di Ingegneria dell’ Università di Roma La Sapienza. He is fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) and member of the European Society of Mechanics (EUROMECH). From 1987 up to 2006 he was a member of the scientific committee of ERCOFTAC. From 1985 up to 2002 he was visiting professor of the Center for Turbulence Research at University of Stanford and of the NASA AMES Research Center. He has been chairman of the EUROMECH Colloquium on vorticity dynamics and the editor of the proceedings. He organised several ERCOFTAC workshops. He was associated editor of Applied Mechanics Review. He has published 74 papers on international journals about wall turbulence and vorticity dynamics. In 1996 he published a review paper written on invitation about vorticity/wall interactions, and in 2003 on the small scale of passive scalars in turbulence. He has published a book on numerical methods for fluid dynamics edited by Springler and entitled “Fluid Flow Phenomena: a numerical toolkit” cited approximately 150 times. He was an invited speaker at the TSFP6 in Seoul and he gave a plenary lecture at the EFMC in Roma. He retired at 70 in 2014 and is still enjoing to perform numerical simulations by learning the new techniques for High Performing Computing. His papers have been cited 9471 times and his h fattor is 42, according to Google Scholar

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